Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today when I awoke the words that floated in my head were these, -

Time is of the Essence, Time is of the Essence....

Of Course. Time is of the Essence!!!

When the clock of Life hovers between 11.30 and 11.45 P.M. what else would be "of the essence", and why would one not be in a quandry as to how to spend the last golden "minutes" when there is still half a day's desires to fulfil!!!

What a simple explanation for the options that whirl around my head, - The Simple Life - The Self Disciplined Life - The urge to relax into the Arms and run my stick along the fence....

Many years ago someone very dear to me gave me the poem about the purple dress, the red hat, and the lovely lanes and pathways open to the truly old. It hangs in my loom room. She didn't have the opportunity of growing truly old, but I think of her as I struggle with these choices.

I see the Baby Oldsters who have latched on to the Red Hat syndrome, and wonder if this is a substitute for the Royal Purple or the Eastern Star without the service aspect, or are they truly practising to be old and eccentric and free to ignore the mores and standards. In my mind I do not think they have faced the reality of being Truly Old, or tasted its bitter-sweet pleasures and disappointments. In embracing the freedoms that come with old age it seems they are merely indulging an appealing fancy and reality is yet to cuff them on the head.

Well, that is my opinion anyway.

I am still puzzled about the path I should follow, - perhaps I should take them chronologically, one day after another, and truly confuse people!!!! Monday I shall live the Simple Life, and take the laundry and a scrubbing board to the nearest stream. Tuesday, I shall be self disciplined and orderly, doing everything by precision and in accordance with the clock!

And Wednesday - ah Wednesday - I shall throw my hat into the air, take off my shoes, and walk barefoot in the garden...

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