Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Subject of Procrastination I am an expert.

"I love DEADLINES. I like the sound they make as they go whooshing by."

I can spend a whole days doing frivolous things - feeling guilty about it, but nevertheless finding entirely irrelevent things to do which will prevent me tackling the job I am trying to avoid.

I have an application to make, and an accompanying letter to write. I probably have another two weeks before panic sets in and I am forced to sit down and DO this chore. Right No

I will spend that two weeks in guilty avoidance of the file sitting on my desk. I will pretend that I am turning over in my mind what I will say, and the best way of saying it. But the truth is that the job which would once have been an enjoyable challenge has become just another mundane chore.

Unfortunately when I say I like the sound of deadlines whooshing past, that's just not something I could do. It's wishful thinking. It is a most inviting idea, - to be carefree enough to be able to ignore a deadline!!! What an indulgence....but one not available to me, alas.

It takes a certain amount of charm to be able to avoid a deadline without making any number of people cross with you!!!! A dab of derring-do, and a careless insouciance to carry off a total avoidance of responsibility with any suavity....

I can procrastinate, day after day, but when push comes to shove I will always come through with the goods!!! I am of the the "salt of the earth" clan which is viewed with just a hint of condescension by the dreamers and the fiddlers.

How boring, - I'm not a charming butterfly or a grasshopper after all - procrastination is as far as I can stray from the straight and narrow.

My only hope of hearing deadlines whoosh past with any degree of glee is if, in old age, I hearken back to childhood days and forget the responsibilities of adulthood. I see certain signs of that forgetfulness overtakin
g me.......

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