Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dr. Crippen's Blog

Tonight I have been putting in time before I can decently take my book to bed, reading Dr. Crippen's Blog. And finding it extremely interesting, - not just the topics contained therein, but also Dr. Crippen's response to the events that happen around him, daybyday, and his response to them. I like his humour and his commonsense, and have marked his blog as a favourite.

Mixed in with my admiration for Dr. Crippen's Blog, and his lifestyle, is a fair amount of envy. So many things to write about!!! And he does it with such style.

I had lots of things to write about at one stage in my life, - well, a pretty long stage, to be honest. Life is still fun, and interesting, but the umbrella is definitely closing on my sphere of activity. And the things that I can talk about are remarkably limited.

Dr. Crippen can talk about anonymous patients who cross his path daily. At this stage of my life I have only family and close friends who cross my path daily, and it is pretty hard to dissect them in a blog, or talk about their more familiar traits. Not an awful lot of them are liable to run into my blog, but they would certainly be amazed and astounded if by some chance they should, and found themselves publicly acknowledged for some innocent event in their lives, or a comment on their idiosyncracies.

Best to be diplomatic and confine one's thoughts and comments to the mundane, or at least to private opinions on uncontentious subjects. Safe, but boring.

Perhaps I should find a pseudonym and go on a wild and wicked spree, and run my stick along the fence - now I am old.

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