Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021`

What an absolutely gorgeous day, today!!

Some kind angel felt it was time to send a reminder that Spring was busy packing her bags with green grass and crocus bulbs, and would soon be on her way...

In the meantime the sun shone, all day long.  The sky was that heavenly early spring blue and any clouds that wafted across the sky were light and white and fluffy.  Perfect!!!!!

I had the front door open all day long, - the verandah swept clean and the tray with the bird feed well filled.

Of course the sun, shining through the windows, picked up and enlarged each wee speck of dust, but I was able to ignore that, - looked past it.... and knowing that M was coming tomorrow to clean house eased my conscience considerably!

It lifted my heart to new heights, - I may have said before that when one reaches antiquity each spring is precious and every moment to be enjoyed. 

Here is a lovely old rendition of Blue skies

Ella Fitzgerald
March, 1958


Debby said...

Is that your view???? Breath taking! Yes. We had blue skies and sun here yesterday. It was not a day to throw the doors open, not yet, but how wonderfully cheering it was!

Country Cottage said...

How wonderful, I cannot wait until I can throw open my door. Enjoy x

Ellen D. said...

Sunny days make all the difference, don't they? Lovely Ella Fitzgerald tune!
Thanks for sharing your nice day!

Hildred said...

Debbie, - picture from a few years ago, - between home and Penticton. Sorry to say there are low clouds today, but yesterday was woderfully uplifting!!!

Penny said...

So glad you had a lovely day. Enjoy.