Saturday, January 30, 2021

January 30th, 2021

Saturday again, to which I raise my glass!

It is nice that we have only one day left of what has been this very dreary month.

I am looking forward to the prospects of a February sun and blue skies, and I hope I'm not looking in vain.....

I shouldn't complain - it has been a good month for weaving, and I have done a number of pieces with a Krogbagd theme, - will they end up as cushion covers, or mats, - or will they just satisfy my creative juices that have been flowing with some encouragement these past few weeks... It has been so satisfying, not following a pattern but just weaving as the spirit moves me.  I will post pictures when they come off the loom.....

Most evenings I traipse through the internet, but it seems that eventually I stop at Vesey's and explore the seeding section, - especially the part that features 'sweetpeas'.  For many years now I have planted the hardy type of sweetpea that (if I am lucky) comes up again in the spring, but I have a yearning now for the prairie sweetpeas we always planted along the fence at home - the ones with the beautiful fragrance.  They can transport me in a twinkling into my father's backyard garden, and the scented bouquet that sat on the window sill above the sink.

Everybody grew sweetpeas!!!  They were a feature along each fence or trellis, just as a matter of course.

There was no question about it - they were as commonplace as the garden peas and beans that grew in the vegetable gardens.  As a consequence we must have spent our summers, at least, in a perfumed air, (and that's what makes 'prairie girls' so desirable, - perhaps).

Our Okanagan and Similkameen summers are too hot for sweetpeas - or they are not hardy enough for the heat.  This may be why the perennial type is popular here, where the summers can be hot, hot, hot, and not always relieved by evening coolness

But I am going to try the scented annuals again, anyway, - planted in between the houses where there is a certain coolness and the sun doesn't beat down on the garden.  Last year I had a little bed of climbers, and they survived, so perhaps if I shade the roots I will once again have these beautiful scented blooms.

The longer I look at this picture the more my desire grows, and perhaps a little homesickness for the gardens of my youth - so, I am off to dig around in whatever the seed companies have to offer, and the First of February will seem even more hopeful, gardenwise!!!

When I pull the covers up tonight, before I sleep, I knew that if my little early morning mind alarm clock wakens me that the full moon will be shining high above - if not in a clear sky at least through the lovely clouds.  And I will gaze at it, and then pull the covers up and go back to sleep.  Tomorrow is Sunday, - I will probably go to church (online) in my nightgown and robe, now that all the church's are closed.  At least the Anglican ones - my daughter told me that the Pentecostolites have not let this awful pandemic constrain them, - and I raise my glass to them, too!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love sweet peas too - nothing to beat the scent is there? I have nowhere in my present garden to grow them.

Ellen D. said...

I want to grow more flowers in my garden. I will have to do more research on what thrives here as I do not have much of a green thumb!
Those sweet peas are beautiful.
48 days until the first day of Spring!
Thanks for the lovely post!

Hill Top Post said...

Now you have inspired me to try a few sweetpeas along my garden trellis. And, I raise my glass to you for your wonderful posts - the best blogger ever!

Country Cottage said...

Scented sweetpeas-lovely. Funny how smells can take you back in time, the smell of fresh paint triggers many memories of my father - you just close your eyes and you are transported back in time. Looking forward to seeing your weaving creation's. Here's to a lovely, warm and mild Spring! Viv

Barb said...

I wonder if sweet peas would grow in my high altitude gardens? Perhaps the hardy ones? I must sow seeds in the fall though - they don't have enough time to grow after the snow melts in May or June. Wasn't that moon something this month? It lit up the snow for several nights with its glow.

Debby said...

I do not believe I have ever smelled a sweetpea. I think I should do something about that.

Debby said...

I do not believe I have ever smelled a sweetpea. I think I should do something about that.