Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday, October 18th, 2020 

                                                      Misty and I have been weaving lately.

                                                                              I weave, -  

                                                        Misty plays around with the treadles

                                                            or does acrobatics on the loom

                                                       We have been adding to the stash of towels

                               One wonders why, when the chest that holds the completed weaving

                                                      is full of towels and placemats and scarves

                                                                (both men's and women's)

                                                                  all ready for Christmas!!!!

                                                            Here is the latest warp and weft

                                                               stretched out in the hallway

 it is waiting to be

washed, pressed, cut and hemmed

Ten pretty kitchen towels 

folded over and lined up on the

hand rail that is supposed to keep me from falling.....

I peer at them with great satisfaction

and make plans to wind the next warp.....

scarves?  maybe a blanket?

I have great quantities of wool..just a-waiting to be woven!!!!!

and an empty loom looking

for a 6 to the inch dented warp!!!!

Tomorrow starts a new week, and a new warp

sounds like 'just what the doctor ordered'

to keep life interesting.....


Ellen D. said...

Oh your weavings are so beautiful! I especially like the picture of them all lined up on the railing. The colors are so vibrant! Well done!

Hill Top Post said...

What amazing work you do! Wow! The folded towels are beautiful. I am sure you must give some credit to Miss Misty, for she's bound to provide you some welcome company.

Barb said...

I'm glad to see that Misty is helping you, Hildred! No wonder you've been so productive. I love the color of the towels. Your weavings are lovely.

Megan Wallace said...

I can't stop admiring the fruits of your labour, those towels are stunning! Misty looks like a worthy apprentice. You really do have everything you need for happiness right there.