Thursday, October 08, 2020

October 7th, 2020

                       Losing oneself in the blue of the sky, and the fabulous colours of autumn.....

                       Yesterday, when the sun shone and the weather was reminiscent of summer.

                                   Early in the day Vincent, the camera and I went south, 

                                                  into the lower Similkameen,
                                     planning to record the loveliness of the fall season
                                              as it is in this part of the world!!  

                                                                Festooned Fences

and the river running by

                                                                           Scarlet Sumac

                            The rills in the Cawston Hills, made by erosion and heavy rainstorms -  

                                                                       We lived just to the right,

                                                                        on the next thirty acres

                     A beautiful apricot tree - its leaves all turned the colour of the fruit it bore

                   An Osprey nest atop a telephone pole, - a familiar sight in southern British Columbia

                                                                     The hills across the valley

                                                        Sumac intermingled with gold

                                                              New Plantings for a vineyard

Two pea hens crossing the road -

at least I think they were hens, - or perhaps cocks who had lost their tails????

                                    It was really a lovely day, - and thanks to the chauffeur, 

                                           whose company is always dear and welcome.


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Ellen D. said...

I enjoyed your photos of the beautiful country around you. It is a bit different from where I live, although, we are also getting the lovely colors of autumn. I love your descriptions as they always add to the pictures shown. Thanks so much for the wonderful drive through the countryside!