Monday, September 28, 2020

 Monday, September 28th, 2020

A beautiful autumn day, - sunny and warm, a slight breeze. and the wonderful scent of fall in the air.

The sky that gorgeous September blue - nary a cloud!

               A large stalk of asters, humming with bees, nestled against the Mountain Ash, and

                  sheltering the bird house - empty now, waiting for next spring's house hunters...

The garden is awash with these asters

and with these bright and generous berries that are so inviting

to visiting robins.

Aster Heaven!

a few fall crocus, here and there in the borders

                              And in the house - a bouquet to brighten the front entrance

                                    Love September......and look forward to October, as well! 

             Youngest son has mentioned a drive through the mountains and up the back roads -

                                            I have the camera all primed and charged,

                  ready to go down Memory Lane as it was with my Beloved in days gone by....


Country Cottage said...

Your garden is simply beautiful. I too love a Canadian fall (not so much here in the UK where it is more than likely to rain). Enjoy your back road trip. Viv x

Morning's Minion said...

I am envious of your asters! New England roadsides were always full of them--only the tiny frost asters seem naturalized here in south-central Kentucky.

Barb said...

Your fall colors are beautiful, Hildred. All those asters! Enjoy your drive.