Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

I had to look at the Calendar to check the day!!

I guess this is what happens when twenty four hours rolls by, another day dawns, and look, it is just like the last one!!!

Nothing changes much when a ride up the lane on the scooter is paramount to a day in the nearby town!

Here it is, Wednesday, - the middle of the week when nothing much happens....but today was different!  

The postman was the star of the day!  The star of the month, as well!!  He left a package in the mailbox containing three lovely skeins of silken thread (two black, one almost silver, with a faint blue sheen) and six cones of weaving cotton for me to wind into a long, long warp and make tea towels 'til my heart's content.

All wrapped up in Jane Stafford's lovely tissue paper - just like a beautiful present! 

I plan to make tea towels with the bright blue cotton, and the lovely lime coloured cone.  There's a gorgeous aubergine to give it a little zing, too.  Well, the days won't be anywhere near as dull -  I  will not feel oppressed by the smoke that fills our valley as it drifts up from the awesome fire they have around Omak ( although I will feel pangs of sympathy for the people of Washington who have had to bear and deal with this terrible situation).

Today we were able to see the outline of the mountains, - indeed, for a little while there was a red, red sun doing it's best to part the clouds and smoke.  Out in the meadow across the back lane the family of deer who live in the bushes that line the creek bed came out to enjoy a little green grass, and that was a treat that lent a little sweetness to the day.

This is a springtime picture - I didn't have the camera today...

September moves along, - we are past the middle of the month and the coolness and  wonderful aura that September usually brings has been sadly lacking because of the smoke.  The weatherman says rain for Friday, and that gives cause for a little jubilation, - we haven't had a decent rain since June (I believe)  The garden will be grateful......the phlox is getting weary, but the beautiful white fall crocus are making a lovely showing in the side bed.

Well, here comes my youngest son to say "good-night"
and I shall have nice dreams about what I am going to do
with all that amazing yarn!!!

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Penny said...

Your fires are a sad reminder that we are heading into summer and fire season again. Our rain has been rather hit and miss so far this year, although much better than last year. Being in the town now I don't worry about it as much as I did but my garden, such as it is does like rain.