Sunday, July 12, 2020

Oh look!!

Blogger and I are starting to get along quite nicely 

and I was able to capture a garden picture

and put it just where I wanted it!

It's been a nice Sunday - I went to church online this morning

and afterwards spent a few hours on the loom -

I made a real mess of threading a lace pattern

and so am ignoring the lace threading and 

making a pretty kitchen scarf in plain weave

before I get up enough courage to cut off the warp

and re-thread it to the proper pattern.

I suppose it doesn't really take courage ---

Just a weary acceptance of the fact that I have

created a little monster

and I must spend time re-threading.

But then, what else is there but time

with this on-going pandemic that only seems to

affect us with a little "lockdown" that discourages

us from gadding!

Lovely afternoon of music on the TV .....

Enjoyed a young man's violin music

and Pressler - the 96 year old pianist

who plays the piano like a young and vigorous man.

I admire him greatly, - he has such a sweet smile, too.

Oh, if life is kind to us oldsters

we do make the most of our gratitude!!!!!



The Weaver of Grass said...

Do you live as near to the water as that Hildred - is that your garden? It is lovely.

Hildred said...

We are about a half hour's drive from Penticton and Okanagan Lake, Pat, but have lovely swimming holes in the Similkameen River where the young ones gather - also along the Ashnola Creek that runs down the mountain into the river. Nice place to live, - wonderful valley for bringing up children!!!

Hildred said...

and yes, that is my "Jungle Garden"!!! Going into it's golden phase of summer when all the yellow flowers are in bloom...

Ellen D. said...

Your garden looks so lovely! I know what you mean about making yourself do a project that you might want to put off. But then once you do it, you are so glad that you did! I have a few projects like that right now and just have to make a start and it will be okay. Thanks for the inspiration!

Barb said...

Your garden is a delight again this summer, Hildred. Mine is still puttering along, mostly green with few of the perennials blooming. By the time I get more color, it will be time for frost! However, I'm not complaining. At this altitude, I'll take whatever blooming I get. Good luck on unraveling the thread.

Hill Top Post said...

Oh, what a beautiful garden! I love the mountains in the background!

Ruth said...

The joy of watching your garden come to life, and then change by the day as summer passes is beyond words to describe. Your flowers are lovely and I know how much you enjoy them. As you settle down with your weaving today, I'm crocheting pansies for a doily, and praying for rain. It's really dry here, but with lower humidity today we couldn't ask for nicer afternoon. The hot sticky heat will be here in a day or two. Stay safe and stay cool!!!

You really do have an exceptional view!!!

Granny Marigold said...

Beautiful flowers!!