Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Ten o'clock, and it is time to close up the house.  The thermometer indoors is 23C. and outdoors on the porch, where the sun shines relentlessly from the time it gets up until about noon - there it is 30C - and climbing!!!!

I have  come in from moving sprinklers around, and picking a few flowers to replace the ones who recently brought pleasure to the house, but have now just faded away!!!  The Shastas are starting to bloom and the yellow daisy types threaten to give me total privacy as they tower above the back fence that runs along the lane.  I should know the name of these plants, but it has escaped me, as so many names seem to do now.  When people inquire about the blooms I should not sputter and fluster but just name them confidently, - any old name!!!!  Evidently the enquirer doesn't know, and would probably forget immediately whatever I tell them!!!! Or better that I should admit to being forgetful, and don't know....😞😞

My memory these days works best in the middle of the night, when the name of some old acquaintance suddenly comes to me!  It's a good thing I am at home almost always, - it saves me from that embarrassing flounder for the right name to call someone, - I use "Love" a lot.  It covers up my forgetfulness and gives the recipient a feeling of affection!!!

It is time to retreat to the loom room, where the warp lies waiting to be threaded.  I still have not decided if I should stick with a plain weave or search for some exotic pattern that requires me to concentrate on a more difficult order of threads.  To be truthful I am very inclined to go with the plain weave - I like to tell myself it is more absorbent in a towel, although I know this is really not so.....  1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4,....allows me to wander in my thoughts, which is sometimes a good thing for the ancient!!    

 Before I go, here are a few pictures of the garden.  I say this confidently, not knowing where I should go next on this new and confusing blog order (confusing to me, anyway, but that may be because I am NINETY-FIVE and in love with THE WAY THINGS WERE!)

Well, there are three pictures, - eventually I will get used to this new way to Blog, and then, of course, it is quite possible someone will change the whole order of things!!!!!  And where will I be then??????

out in the garden eating worms, poor thing -

this is a little rhyme I used to tell the children, when they pouted or were down in the mouth.......

"You'll be out in the garden eating worms,
poor thing!

Long, slim, slimy ones,
short, fat, furry ones!!!

Oh how they tickle
when they squirm, yum, yum!!!"

............Accompanied by a fond tickle to the tummy, and soon they were smiling again!!!

I found a few worms the other day when I was digging around, and it reminded me of the days we used to collect worms to go fishing, and I did miss Charles!!! And the fishing trips with grandchildren, - all grown up now......but still sweet in my memory....


Hill Top Post said...

Such a delightful post! Your garden is looking oh so lovely. I think I would rather be out in the garden eating worms than to deal with the new blogger.

Ellen D. said...

Love the little worm verse - sweet way to get them giggling. I am no good with names either and often refer to people as "Dear" which probably ages me even more! Oh well, at least I am friendly! Thanks again for a thoughtful post!

Ruth said...

Your worm poem reminded me of the one my Dad taught us (we sang it):

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me,
I'm going out and eat worms -
Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones,
Any old kind that squirms.
First you bite the head off,
Then you suck the guts out,
Then you throw the skins away -
First one was easy, second one was greasy,
Third one stuck in my throat!! Yuck, yuck!

Please don't do that Hildred!! Enjoy your beautiful gardens, best when it gets cooler, and have a peaceful and satisfying weaving day. Our memories keep us company, don't they! I'm amazed at what comes to mind in the middle of the night.

Hildred said...

Thank you for the whole poem, Ruth....I will put it up on my kitchen bulletin board!!!!!