Friday, July 26, 2019

July 26th, 2019

I rise early this morning.

Five a.m. and already the morning light surprises my opening eyes.

It is still, - no breeze, but a  squirrel is stirring

the leaves of the elderberry outside

my bedroom window.

I consider another hour under the covers

but these morning hours are so contemplative

and the thoughts of coffee, and a quiet hour or two

before the day takes over

draws me from my bed.

I call to Bruce, who is as eager as I to start the day,

and he rushes down the hall and out into the back garden

his nails clicking on the floor, and Baby, his comfortable bear

in his mouth,

When he comes in we have a little conversation

about the dog groomer who is coming to pay him a business visit

today, and restore his orderly and gentleman appearance.

We are so pleased to have found a "traveling groomer"

as since I stopped driving he has missed going to see Jennifer

who in the past has attended to his doggy needs...

bath, a pedicure, shave and a haircut!!!!!

And he had become a most roguish dog, - his top knot

disorderly, and his hair long and shaggy.  And in need of a shampoo!!

But look at him now!!!!

Well, I didn't mean to just write about Bruce...

I spend the morning winding the rest of the towel warp

and beaming it on to the loom with the aid of two large heavy books

and a vinegar jar full of water, tied to the end of the warp

to provide the tension for winding it on the back beam.

Finished just as lunch time loomed

and the dog groomer arrived....

and here are the results of his visit!!!!!

We spent the afternoon outside in the shade, reading,

with a mister going beside the rocker, to cool the air....

Callie, and Bruce and me.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Bruce looks lovely with his little bear. I've never heard of a traveling groomer before. What luck to have found one.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I do enjoy reading about your days Hildred! Our DIL found an in-home groomer for their elderly dog. They were both finding visits to the office where they’d been going too stressful.