Wednesday, January 23, 2019


January 23rd, 2019

Variations on a warp

and other interesting tidbits...

I had just finished hemstitching the end of this scarf

(I have still to twirl the fringe)

when one of my dear Daughters in Law

(I have a few - all dear to me)

came to pick me up for dinner.

It is lovely to eat out, and to have conversation

with your meal!

We had a nice evening planned....

The weather was warm

and though snow was forecast 

there was no sign of it yet.

After dinner my son and I were going to

inspect some old, old, old, family pictures

on his humungous screen

with his "do-anything" program.

I had rescued these pictures from an uncaring cousin

who was about to throw them all out,

after my Auntie Hildred died...

They are a treasure

and we had a wonderful time 

inspecting noses, and hair-dos, hats,

gravestones and eyebrows.

Time just flew by until I looked at my watch,

and at the same time my DIL came to say

it was snowing heavily,

So on with the shoes, and out with the cane,

and we went carefully down the hill and out

on to the highway,

with the snow swirling, really quite wildly.

We all got home safely.

Bruce went out into the backyard before we went to bed

and everything was looking festive and sparkling.

 I woke in the night to see the

branches on the neighbour's evergreens

laden with a foot of snow and

bent towards my window.

And in the morning......

It is the first real snowfall we have had this winter..

who's complaining!!

The  morning was glorious

all fresh and pure and white

in the sunshine

and the sky was almost as blue as May.

From my window in the loom room

I can see the far off hills, 

where the sky and the mountains

blemd their blues together.

I finished another scarf.....

A scarf with holes in it......

An exercise in "denting" in the reed

Surely not for warmth,

strictly for decoration.

It is always a surprise when you wash

the weaving - magic in the water

and something you feel rather disappointed in

captures your heart.

More sun tomorrow - how lovely!

Probably icicles, as the temperature is going to drop,

Bruce tells me it is time to go outside,

have evening treats,

and settle down in bed for the night.

Sweet dreams.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say Hildred that viewed from the warmth of my computer room that snow is exquisite. We have not had any here yet and rarely get as much as that, although we did have quite a lot last year. I dare not go out when it snows because I am so frightened of falling over. Keep snug and warm. Love your weaving.

Hill Top Post said...

Now, that's definitely a snow to write home about. How beautiful! Soft and puffy and white...just like snow should be. I was just reading that a polar vortex is pushing down upon us and may bring record cold temperatures to the mid-west, so Old Man Winter hasn't had his last say. I absolutely love the scarf...holes and all!

Barb said...

That's a lot of snow, Hildred. It will be good moisture for your garden. I like seeing what you're weaving. The old photos are great - glad you rescued them!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That was a heavy snow! How nice you were able to spend such a good day with your son and dear DIL before it fell. And oh my goodness I'm glad you were able to rescue those pictures; what a great idea to view them on the larger screen.