Saturday, October 22, 2016

Up Dating

I have been waiting these last few months, poignantly,

waiting for Inspiration to come to call.

But she, it seems, has other fish to fry....

It has become apparent that unless I want Daybyday to fade away, - 
kept alive only by weekly posts to
ABC Wednesday,
then drastic action is called for.

Well, this is not really drastic action;
just a promise to myself to record each day
as it happens,
and no better time to start than NOW...

So what happened on this really beautiful autumn day!!!

The trees glowed, the sun shone and the sky was that brilliant blue
that only October indulges in.

While I had breakfast I poured over an old Handwoven  magazine
I had come across while making order out of chaos last week -
filing more than thirty years of Handwoven with my eye
cast out for an exciting new warp to put on the loom, -

there being only about fifteen inches left to weave
on that old warp which has clung to the loom now for almost a year.
The dummy warp wherein I chose to  tie three hundred or so
knots from it to the warp-before-it - thinking that I was
saving time threading through heddles and reed.

A lovely idea when you are young and lithe, but an eater up of
time and patience when your fingers have lost their dexterity.

I finished weaving the old warp;  just for a moment
Inspiration passed by and planted a seed....

As a consequence I am starting to wind the warp for a lacy silk scarf
with a gorgeous stash of fine silk I fell heir to many years ago
when a weaving friend died at 95.

After lunch I went to the church to set up the altar and the communion
for Eucharist tomorrow.
This time I remembered to take my music with me, and spent an hour
at the organ, whose stops were all askew and need fixing.

I don't have a lot of opportunities to play the organ any more.
Mainly funerals, where people ask for me especially.
Sometimes I wish the regular organist would share her duties with me,
but I know she believes she is lessening the burden
for an old lady!!!!

In my email today a sweet picture from a friend who hikes in the hills

reminded me of the Downy Woodpecker
that haunts the evergreens bordering my fenceline
and tap, tap, taps for bugs and slugs.

That's all for today!


Morning's Minion said...

I've tried to puzzle out the reason for my own less frequent blog posts. The ideas and words still flit through my mind, but don't make it onto my computer screen.
I enjoy the quiet happenings others record--truly 'day by day' and had planned to blog as a modern way of journaling.
When I read of your weaving, though I don't fully understand the terms, I'm reminded that it was long on my list of crafts I wanted to explore.

Penny said...

Even I have been posting less. Small things, in your daily life may sound mundane but to others it is interesting. Love the fact that you are weaving again.

Barb said...

I really love your daily life posts, Hildred. I'm glad you're thinking about writing them again. They're always so newsy as if I was sitting to chat with you. We're seeing more woodpeckers this fall. Unfortunately, they sometimes like to drum on our wooden house! I'd love to hear you play the organ. Enjoy your fall. There is still a bit of snow on the ground here. It will melt this week, I think.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love your posts and draw inspiration from them whether they are daily or weekly ...