Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday, the 23rd of October.

Another gorgeous day weatherwise, but as dusk falls and Bruce and I go walking, we note that the trees have lost the glow they had during the sunny hours, and have been saddened to that sombre melancholy that haunts us in the fall, sometimes.

The clouds have gathered and covered the blue of the sky and we can expect a rainy night. And that is just fine as the aquifer in this semi desert country is in need of being refreshed after a long, hot summer.

Church was confusing because of a mix-up in bulletins and the first Sunday with our "dedicated" priest...we are a Worshipping Community here, attached to St. Saviours in Penticton, and we welcome  someone who will visit our aging congregation and care facilities.  It was humorous, too, in that Kim (new priest) is a great people person with a marvelous sense of humour.  Uplifting!!  We talked about the Tax Collector and the Self-Righteous Pharisee and their counterparts in the modern world....

By the time I had attended to my Altar duties everyone had left, and the flowers which were given to us after a funeral tea reception still needed a home.  So I brought them along with me.....

After a bit of lunch and a little R and R (I think I closed my eyes awhile) I took a dip into Mary Oliver's new book of beautiful and thoughtful essays, "Upstream" in which she takes us into the natural world which she always describes with such love, and caring, and beauty.

And then I went to inspect that poor begotten warp that was so long on the loom and has such a plethora of mistakes and dropped threads.  But still beautiful after I machine-washed it..

...and cut it into the appropriate pieces,

pressed them, ironed up the hems and folded them

...and now you can't see all the errors because they are cunningly hidden in the folds!

I will cherish them, and the memories of all those blasted knots I tied,
and I will use them in my own kitchen.

By the time I did all this it was supper time, and now it is time to go and
make a cup of hot chocolate and see what's on Netflix!!!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those 'leftover' flowers are quite cheerful -- I am glad they found two good homes after they were donated! Our weather here has been changeable too and I know it is a failure on my part to let the climate dictate my moods, but it is hard .. I also know we need the rain desperately here too.

Barb said...

Well. Now that your loom is bare, you'll need a new project. Did I hear something about silk? Those cloths all have memories attached. Who cares about a few dropped threads? Much of the snow has melted around our house. We are in a holding pattern.