Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Loon

ABC Wednesday
September 28th, 2016

The letter is L for Loon

The Loon

Not quite four a.m. when the rapture of being alive
strikes me from sleep, and I rise
from the comfortable bed and go
to another room, where my books are lined up
in their neat and colourful rows.  How
magical they are!  I choose one
and open it.  Soon
I have wandered in over the waves of the words
to the temple of thought.
And then I hear
outside, over the actual waves, the small,
perfect voice of the loon.  He is also awake,
and with his heavy head uplifted he calls out to the fading moon, to the pink flush
swelling in the east that, soon,
will become the long, reasonable day.
Inside the house
it is still dark, except for the pool of lamplight
in which I am sitting.
I do not close the book.
Neither, for a long while, do I read on.
Mary Oliver

or this......

The Loon on Oak-Head Pond

cries for three days, in the gray mist
cries for the north that it hopes it can find

plunges, and comes up with a slapping pickerel,
blinks its red eye

cries again

you come every afternoon and wait to hear it,
you sit a long time, quiet, under the thick pines,
in the silence that follows,

as though it were your own twilight, 
as though it were your own vanishing song.

Mary Oliver,  (again)

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with thanks to Roger, Denise, Leslie
and their lovely helpers.


photowannabe said...

We don't have Loons here on the U.S. West coast.
the poems are Lovely, Lyrical and Lonesome sounding.

Leslie: said...

Absolutely LOVE the sound of the loon in the early morning and late at night!

abcw team

Penny said...

Have heard of them, but will never see or hear one, they sound fascinating.

Reader Wil said...

You taught me a new word! Thank you.

Joy said...

A haunting sound, must be wonderful to hear in the silence of the night.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So lovely. I wish we had loons here on the West Coast.

Roger Owen Green said...

nice poems!

Trubes said...

What a lovely bird,,,when somebody is called a 'loon' here it's a derogatory word
for somebody who is slighty mad or crazy.
i love the call the Loon makes, I've not heard a call so distinctive as that
before, although i wouldn't be to keen to have it calling under my bedroom window !
Love the poem too.
Best wishes
ABCW team.