Friday, January 22, 2016

This and that

Friday, - coming to the end of the week....

As I drifted off to sleep last night I thought,

 'yes, Friday.  Nothing to do all day long.

 A great day to get out the vacumn. the mop and the duster'.

Alas, when I woke all thoughts of housecleaning had fled in the night.

I remembered what a mess I had made of adding to my Family Tree
 some exciting genealogy news about my third great grandfather
and how I had failed to straighten things out so that
everybody was in the right place
when I printed out a report,
including his two wives.

And I was glum,  and not the least bit energetic

Yesterday the sun made a brief and glorious appearance.

That will account for the housecleaning thoughts
that sent me off into a virtuous sleep.

Callie thought it was pretty special too.

She has been Confined to Barracks (along

with me, because of slippery streets) and

would dearly love to have the cat-door opened

so she can investigate what has been going

on under the snow, and which cats

have been visiting lately.

Here is something that has been going on under the snow!

I put on some mittens and scraped away an inch or so of snow
to see if the Hellebores were awake!

Once we are past Robbie Burns' Birthday it is all downhill

and we are sliding into spring!!

The hyacinth I brought home from the grocery store sprang up about three inches
overnight, and promises a lovely bloom when I get up tomorrow morning...

A little blue sky outside, - time for lunch
and a little session with the ukulele...
my repertoire is getting slightly longer.

Come and sing Bye Bye Blackbird with me!


Penny said...

House cleaning can be done any time, sounds like a much better way to spend the day.

Barb said...

When the sun is shining, there must be better things to do than clean. Can't believe you found hellebores under the snow! Mind that ice, Hildred - no falls for you this winter, I hope.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Hildred, how I loved this! 'I'm glad to know you too know about change of plans! We woke to a rainy gray day here (catching the edge of the terrible winter storm 'up east' I guess.) What I had planned to do (as I fell asleep last night) was some dumb paper work and then blog: put together a post for next week and catch up on posts and visiting/commenting.

Now, none of those plans need a sunny day. Indeed, some people would think a rainy day was a perfect time to for pay bills and check bank statements -- and a perfect day to play with photos on the computer. But do you think I could motivate myself to get to work on either? Nope. I spent most of the day curled up reading and watching the rain.

Apparently I needed some hibernation time.