Monday, June 08, 2015

V is for Vestiges

ABC Wednesday
June 10th, 2015

The letter is V for Vestiges

The definition of 'vestiges'  - "traces of something that no longer exists"

My home is haunted by vestiges, - lurking in old trunks,
packed away in cardboard boxes,
stuffed into drawers,
carefully put away in files
and hanging in the back of closets!!!!

Happy momentos of life, family, early years and places where we live only in memory.

In a chocolate box is the ribbon from my mother's  wedding bouquet,
one dried rosebud, plus a few shredded blossoms.

In the garage, in the bottom drawer of Charles' desk, there was a sewing kit
used by his grandfather when he was in the Yukon
at the turn of the last century 
(recently given to one of his great grandsons).

Stuffed in one of my sewing machine drawers is my mother's tatting device, -
 which I could still use, I think, if I was so inclined.....

In my cedar chest is the treasured remnants of a silk and lace dust cap
that belonged to my great-grandmother ,
 along with a sweater I knitted for Charles in early days,
 sporting the replica of Indian paintings he found in the hills above his home.

I have in my own 'bottom drawer' a snall leather bag bought for me in Banff (Alberta)
and a hand tooled leather wallet made for me
by one of our very best friends....  

plus a small handkerchief sent from Scotland
when Charles interrupted his RAF training
 to have the mumps....

Old report cards, - innumerable momentos made for Mother by small, chubby hands - 
the receipt for payment of my piano, dated 1925 - 
the children's immunization records. - 
a collection of old poems 
and three or four large industrial shuttles which I will never use!!!
Out of date calendars with lovely pictures, treasured letters, ancient LPs
and a suitcase full of old sheet music.
A wedding dress and a little black number that I thought quite enticing -
plus dozens of C's ties that nobody wears any more

Well, you know how it is.  I'm sure you have your own VESTIGES lying around,
 reminders of life as it was, 
whose eventual fate niggles at the back of your mind as you get older
 and are not a 'thrower-out'...

Spend a little time with them and linger a bit in memory lane.
  Vestiges are great for that and for bringing a smile to your face....

For more interesting Vs visit here at ABC Wednesday, 
with thanks to Roger and Denise and their veritable helpers....

post script - no high heeled shoes
not even as a momento....


Reader Wil said...

Thank you for this lovely reminder of the past. I have a lot of scrapbooks of the cildren when they were little, and of our holidays.
Have a wonderful week!
Wil, ABCW team

Berowne said...

Beautiful vestigial thoughts. Actually, quite moving...

photowannabe said...

I am not a thrower-outer either.
There are so many vestiges in drawers and storage tubs in our garage.
When we moved 8 years ago...after living in the same home for 41 years...many vestiges were given away or sold.....
Why do we have just as many now?

Photo Cache said...

Nice post for the word vestige.


Roger Owen Green said...

I have too many!


carolann said...

Nice word pictures today. A reminder of what is lying about. We take for granted.

Joy said...

A beautiful elegy to the life of objects.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Hildred! You have written a beautiful poem about your well-lived life! I love this so much.

ellen b. said...

Well done on the letter V and vestiges! No high heeled vestiges here, either!