Friday, February 20, 2015

While waiting for the Avon Lady

I hit the 'New Post' button with not a clue as to what I will write about!!!!  I seem devoid of inspiration!

I have been weaving this morning while I wait for the Avon Lady to visit with my order - the Avon Lady is a good friend - Callie is especially fond of her and loves the special attention she gives the furry creature greeting her at the door.

 Callie is also curious about the time we spend weaving, and often sits beside me, watching the shuttle being thrown back and forth, and the treadles moving up and down, up and down!  I am two thirds through the first blue towel, and am looking forward to changing the colour of the weft and the pattern - a great venture for someone with a short attention span!  And I speak of myself, not Callie.

She is a sweet cat, - demanding, but very affectionate, - at one time she used to lie on Charles' tummy as he watched TV in the recliner, - now she lays her head upon my breast and reaches her paws up to my neck, and is positively "suckey" - I think that's what the grandchildren say of her loving ways.

Both she and I are happy with the way February is opening itself to spring, - we have both been house-bound for too long, and when I closed the garden gate to make it secure for her, and opened the little cat door on the porch, she was quite ecstatic and was off into familiar corners of the garden where she watches the villagers who walk the lane, and probably all sorts of bugs and strange creatures that inhabit the garden.

The Daphne is in bloom, - so early.  And the Hellebore in the front garden, - although that in the back, which doesn't get as much sun, is reluctant to open its stubby green buds.  The weatherman says three sunny days starting Sunday, and I look forward to raking up the leaves that an early winter snow covered in November, and if I put them into windrows my son-in-law will come with his mower and chop them into little bits to nourish the lawn.

The other day, while the clerk who looks after the flower display in the local grocery store was putting out this week's plants and flowers, I treated myself to a pretty bowl of double white narcissis, and a small pot of purple crocus - the narcissis is so fragrant, - I have changed the place where I sit at the table so I can be closer to it and inhale the lovely smell of spring!

Soon the bulbs in the garden (which are shooting wonderful green swords all along the side bed) will be swelling with lovely pregnant buds.  The teasels on the nut tree grow rounder and fatter and more golden each day,  and I am on the watch for the scarlet stubs of rhubarb.

And here is the Avon Lady, and I have not put up any pictures of catkins or cats or flowers, but I will post this anyway, and save photos for another day.....


Penny said...

Your descriptions didn't need photos.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

My mind's eye can see so many pictures -- your words were enough. I can see the narcissis blooming beautifully. And Callie -- I know exactly what kind of kitty she is -- happy cuddling but also ecstatic to get to go out and play.

And I swear I can smell the Daphne.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am envious of your Daphne in bloom. Also of those hellebores - neither are showing the slightest inclination to say goodbye to winter here. (I mean the lenten rose of course - the winter hellebores are blooming well)

Barb said...

I can't believe spring is showing such signs in February, Hildred. I'm glad for you.