Thursday, January 08, 2015

Sunshine, blue skies, whispy clouds

Blue skies and sunshine
Lift my spirits
and delight my heart
and send me scurrying
for dustmop and broom

Beautiful day.  I am banishing dust, but as I work my eye is drawn
to shadows on the snow, whispy white clouds
and water dripping from the evergreens
as those great drifts of snow disappear.

As I tidy and dust I also listen to a new David Garrett CD
"Timeless" - the music of Brahms and Bruch
played with the Israel Philharmonic and conducted by
Zubin Mehta !!!!

Beside my chair lies the latest Alan Bradley novel
following the adventures of Flavia de Luce .

When Alan Bradley first started this series he lived just miles away,
in Kelowna, B.C.  It tells the tales
of eleven year old Flavia's detective skills as she lives
with a most eccentric family residing at Buckshaw, the old and fast
deteriorating family estate.

Well, I find it charming and I can hardly wait to open the book,
forsaking Wallace Stegner and Loren Eisely for a romp
through a thoroughly relaxing read.

These delights, along with a desk diary that provides an awesome fact
for each day of the year
are the result of a lovely Amazon Gift Certificate birthday present
and I have to say, my son-in-law Frank's kindness
in going to get my mail on the icy roads.

Here are a few more pictures of a nice winter's day in the Similkameen!
If you look closely you can see that the pussy willows are starting to swell,
but alas, no small bits of greenery where the bulbs were planted, and the Lenten roses 
are under a foot of snow...

Off to catch the last rays of the sun before it falls behind the mountain.

Have we advanced more than three seconds a day 
as daylight increases, nearing spring?


P..S.    I forgot to mention the name of Alan Bradley's new Book

'As Chimney Sweepers come to Dust'

quote from Shakespeare....


Hill Top Post said...

I do drop in of my favorite stops in all of Blog Land.

David Finch said...

It feels like we are just settling into winter and you are talking about pussy willows swelling ... had to check the date to see if I was off in the archives. Here's to an early spring.

Anne at Shintangle Studio said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, again, Hildred. I am with you in your enthusiasm for Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce books: I enjoy them too. I can't believe you have even the faintest of signs of spring around you. Winter, winter everywhere here.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hildred -- I came by the other day, read this post and went off to Amazon to investigate Flavia De Luce and forgot to come back. Thank you for the recommendation (I added what I think is his first in the series to my Kindle).

Your winter header is just beautiful but ... (I don't need to say anything else I'm sure.) Except I'm glad people are picking up you mail and you don't have to go out on the icy roads.