Sunday, December 01, 2013

This and that

December 1st, - White Rabbit Day,
 and when I woke at 3 a.m., early into the morning, I made my way to the ensuite all the while muttering, White Rabbits, White Rabbits!!!

And that's just what I feel like - a White Rabbit, hurrying Time, late for a very important date.......

I have oodles of baking to do this coming week for our tiny congregation
who are bravely holding their annual Christmas Bake Sale and
 'come for cookies and coffee on us'.

And for the Bell Choir who plan to distribute bell-shaped sugar cookies from white baskets at the Light-up Parade and Celebration this coming Friday.....

I offered to help decorate the Christmas Tree at Lodge (Tuesday morning)  in lieu of climbing ladders and putting up garlands - I do know my limitations!!!

Bell practice Monday and Thursday evenings, and in the meantime I am frantically playing triplets and arpeggios, trying to get the accompaniment to Helen's wonderful Bell solo up to speed.  "O Come O Come Emanuel" - beautiful, but I have a dreadful horror of missing a beat and coming in a bar behind the star, as we finish!!  Five concerts to play......

I think I am too old for all of this, - all I had really planned to do for Christmas was finish the digital album of Charles' life, to keep his sweet memory alive.
And now all this, and all that!!!!

Pray for me!
I am off now to add music to the digital album and immerse myself in
marvelous memories of younger days
when all this was a piece of cake!!

If you don't hear any more from me you will
know I have fallen down the rabbit hole -
or the 'memory hole'..........


Barb said...

You are truly a wonder, Hildred. I was thinking of you today as I walked, wondering what the season is like there in your little town. I see it is BUSY! Remember when you knit all those socks? All the activity will keep you feeling young at heart. Enjoy this special season, Hildred. (I love the Header.) Hugs from CO.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh I do worry that you don't have enough to do to keep your mind occupied ...(as my grand kids say LOL!). You are the busiest person I know and you put me to shame! You are one of the most joyful people I know as well (in spite of everything)...and I suspect that the two things go together. I thought of you yesterday since you taught me the white rabbit tradition...and I've followed it ever since.

I wish I could here one of your concerts! Happy December.