Thursday, September 05, 2013

September comes to the garden

Out in the garden this morning to pick the raspberries, and I am reminded that the grass I cut just a few short days ago (or should I say 'harvested' - it was more like a haying operation) - well, anyway, the grass that I cut just a few short days ago has responded just like a child's haircut and immediately gathered green energy, enough to suggest another trimming!

As I whirred along the side lawn I found the grass around the hazel nut tree heavy with petticoat covered nuts.  I didn't run in to get the camera, but when I had finished mowing and was resting and looking around the garden, it was plain to me that September had arrived, with cooler weather and a lovely flush of roses.....
"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. 
 For nature it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad".   
 Edward Way Teale

Here is Mister Lincoln, top hatted in a gorgeous velvety chapeau.
and his companion, Abraham Darby
both fine and well respected gentlemen
who have lent their names to what
I consider to be among the most
beautiful of roses.
The ramblers along the side fence have been blooming for a week or so
and I have had to prune back their wandering branches
that used to reach out and catch Charles as he went by in his cart,
causing no end of consternation!!!
Mainly the garden is shades of yellow and orange - sunflowers, rudbeckia, yellow daisies,
Chinese lanterns, barn flowers,

 but the Rose of Sharon, a first year Foxglove, blooming late,  and some autumn Crocus join the last of the phlox and the porch pots in adding pinks and whites to the mix.


When I had finished cutting the small lawns I contemplated the little portion that lies between the compost corner and the pussy willow tree, and I envisioned the peonies, the iris and the poppies from the garden on the hill, moved down and comfortably ensconced in all their lovely glory.
Who will turn the sod? 
 And have I enough compost to make a comfortable bed for them???
I ponder, as now is the time to move them!!!!!
Oh, it's always something,  I can hear Charles saying.........but he loved the garden too.



Penny said...

Such wonderful glimpses of your garden, until I can kneal I am afraid mine is going to look awful, but warmer weather will help as spring is slowly arriving.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your yard is perfect to my eye...and as always I'm a bit envious of a life not lived...thank you for sharing what I miss ( in both senses of the word). I do think you need a visit from a grandson or ? do some of that heavy work. And I am quit sure someone will turn up when needed!