Friday, September 06, 2013

In the night ........

The Thunder roared
The Lightning flashed
and all the world was shaken.
The little pig curled up his tail

and ran to save his bacon!
Did anyone ever write this verse in your autograph book?
Did you ever have an autograph book, or were autograph books
a phenomenon special to the first half of the last century,
and did their popularity fade away with modern times
and the coming of television and other ways of entertainment
that require no creativity.

I have my Aunt Hildred's autograph book(s), circa 1920
and in one of them my mother wrote
"Friendship is a golden tie
that binds our hearts together
and if you never break that tie
We will be friends forever".
but I digress......
This post is really about the thunder and the lightning that wakened me last night
with such a shattering, earthshaking, earsplitting clap
that I felt as if I were about to be lifted from my bed
and transported through the window and up into the heavens
where all the noise and commotion and fireworks were taking place. 
Advanced warning had cautioned me to turn off the computers,
but I should have left the bedroom door open for Callie
to find refuge under the duvet at my feet....
I rose to go and look for her, but she was not visible.
Under the couch ?   Behind the piano?
I called, but no response.
However, as I turned to go back into the bedroom
a very frightened cat hurried past me,
hurtled through the air, diving under the duvet,
and we both spent the rest of the night with our eyes tightly closed
awaiting the next thunderous roar.

Eventually the storm passed,  the skies lightened with the dawn
and the thunder was only a long, low grumble,
and we both slept......

As to any pigs that were out and about, I presume
they found refuge somewhere where their bacon was safe.


Sheila said...

That babbling brook makes it worth
all the stormy weather you and
Callie had to endure. What a very
refreshing sight it is.

Your garden as pictured in your last post is so beautiful. Don't
you just love foxgloves? I'm
particularly fond of the pale
peachy shades, but your white one
is spectacular.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh yes I had an autograph book, but the ornate handwriting and lovely verses were a thing of the past by my time, I had my grandmothers daughter does fun.

We had a terrible thunder shower yesterday it must have blown your way. Very unusual for this part of the country. If we were in Florida we'd be getting one every day...we did in June before we left. I still hate them, will never get used to them.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Perhaps the storm cleared the air a bit did it Hildred?

In my autograph book when I was a child_

Roses and red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet and
so are you.

Dimple said...

I inherited the autograph book of my aunt's uncle, which was given to him by his sister in December 1882. One inscription:
"April 29th 1888, Jeffersonville, Wayn Co [Indiana]
"friend eddy
"Remember well and bare in mind a Jaybirds tail sticks out behind
"your friend
"lonzo S. Mc Nely"

I think I need to do some transcription on one of my blogs!

Glad you and Callie survived the thunderstorm!

Dimple said...

Oops, I mean Illinois. Wayne Co., Illinois! ;)