Sunday, September 15, 2013

In and out of the garden, all day long

I start early in the garden, - in fact when I first open my eyes and realize that rosy glow outside is fair advertising for a glorious sunrise.!

Up and at  it in my pink night gown that I knew could be taken for a dress, even though I could hear Charles objecting to me being in the back garden at six a.m., not fully clothed.
Well really, - who is up at that time!!!  Not the neighbours who had company well into the late evening hours last night....
Gorgeous sunrise, and I get so few of them here in town.  I open the back garden gate and go out into the parkland to get these lovely pictures..

A quick breakfast, a second cup of coffee with Dot and Frank, and I am out with Callie to inspect the new flower bed, trying to retrieve a bit of compost to dress it with, and then putting a gentle sprinkler on to wet it down, ready for planting.

That done I turn my attention to the lawn mower, the side lawn and the front bit of grass that struggles to be respectable in the shade of the willow that is now trying to climb on to the porch in rainy weather, and taps at the front window, teasing Miss Callie.
After morning coffee I have a search and destroy mission in the raised bed, with a focus on the Chinese Lantern Railway and its many new stopping stations. as well as the
creeping buttercup, which is lovely in the spring as it blooms with the Oriental Peony
but terribly invasive.
I clear the Chinese Lantern Railway stations of their bright orange lanterns
and hang them in the garage to dry,
for future bouquets.
In the spring I will raid the straight white trackage that runs for miles
and miles, up and down the garden....
How much do you want to bet a small bit of trackage will accompany the plants
I bring from the old garden
and I will have the whole thing to do over again next year.
I console myself with the lovely fall bouquet they will make with Sweet Honesty
and its silvery coins.
I begin to feel tired, and hot, and sticky,
and the thoughts of warm water, scented soap and a cup of tea
lure me into the house.
Tomorrow is the first of the big moving days, and I think we will start with the Iris....
I have help!  Sons and sons-in-law are a wonderful
addition to the family......


Penny said...

Good luck with the plant moving.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Isn't it wonderful to have kids who are willing to lend a hand when needed!

Yes, I'm thinking the Chinese Lanterns are going to come back, but at least they give you back something for all your work (and all the garden space they take up)....that is so much better than the invasives I remember from way back when we used to garden.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hildred, I just do not know where you get your energy from.

Barb said...

Dear Hildred, I'm afraid the Chinese Lantern is going to win. However - you should keep trying to eradicate it. I got some topsoil and sand plus seeds for new wildflowers and perennials. I'm going to have Bob spread the topsoil if we ever get a sunny day so I can determine where the sunny sots are in the yard. I'll wait to scatter the seeds until after the first snow.

Hildred said...

I was up at the old garden this morning Barb, getting iris, - it was a veritable jungle of Chinese Lanterns, - beautiful, but dismaying to one who hopes to make order out of chaos.

Love the idea of you scattering seeds on the snow....