Friday, September 13, 2013

A happy reunion.....

A short sweet visit from an old friend today.

I met Norma when we started a business course at the McTavish Business School in Edmonton, where we both learned to be avid secretary material.

We were immediate friends - kindred spirits who spent many happy hours together,  walking, shopping, biking, - lunch hours spent poring over cards and linens and china, all part of our romantic dreams..... holidays at the lake, carefree times, a
perfect friendship, on the cusp of being young wives and mothers.

We were on one of our famous pork chop-fried potatoes-niblets-and-a-quart-of-milk hikes the day we met Charles, down by the river.

So many endearing and enduring memories of those few short years before we both got married and our lives took different paths.

Norma was one of my bridesmaids, and was married just a few months after when Bud,
her fiancé, was released from a prisoner of war camp
 where he had been held after his plane went down.

Bud stayed in the Airforce and their life was one of travel and adventure,
while we stayed home and farmed,
but we always kept in touch -
 saw each other when we could and stayed close in heart.

And here we are - near to ninety, still friends, still young at heart.

 still with some traces of awe and wonder.
Once again (poignantly) waiting to be re-united with our men.
(if that is the way things are...)


The Weaver of Grass said...

And by golly you both look young at heart Hildred! Like you I am over eighty - I think age is all in the mind - we have to think young despite our growing frailties.

Morning's Minion said...

The situation in my home town required that I attend three different high schools [as the town tried to sort its allegiance to a larger 'union' high school.] Thus, my friendships from that time were of fairly short duration. Friendships cultivated in later years have been of the sort that can pick up and continue almost where we left off.
How lovely that you and Norma can enjoy time together now--and how encouraging that you both appear younger than your years!

Nicola said...

So delighted that you two kindred spirits spent some time together in the sunshine. And what a sweet and poignant end to your post.

Barb said...

Wonderful that you reunited after all these years, Hildred. You still have great smiles.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You two are beautiful role models for those of us a little bit behind you in wisdom and experience. It's wonderful that you have kept in touch all these years.