Friday, March 01, 2013

White Rabbits

Did I remember to say White Rabbits this morning, – well of course I did, even before I opened my eyes…..we need all the good luck we can get ! 

white rabbithaylelymerrington

The snow from the roof next door to my bedroom window gradually disappears, revealing tons of walnuts that got caught in the first blizzard, before they could fall in between our houses, eager to spend the winter in the garage, ripening and drying.  Now they are fair game for the Clark’s Nutcracker and the Flickers, and an occasional Jay, – a wonderful spring treat after a winter of pine cones….


March is meek and mild this morning, if a trifle misty and overcast, but I see a few rays of sunshine in the East, and perhaps the weatherman was right in saying the Similkameen would be sunny all day. 

I will snatch a couple of hours in the back garden, attending to some of the tidying that got neglected last fall, and just luxuriating in being outside where the air is fresh and all around me are signs of new growth, – promises of tender green leaves, spring flowers, and roses calling urgently to be pruned.

I’m off to be mesmerized by burgeoning buds and the enthusiasm of new bulb shoots, – 2 inches tall, then 3 inches tall and now, suddenly six inches of yellow-green rockets on their way to heavenly days…..

bulb shoots


All pictures this morning from Google - no time to search the archives - only have a couple of hours outside before I go to represent a woman of France in a lemon yellow scarf at the World Day of Prayer this afternoon.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I like to hear of you at the World Day of Prayer Hildred because my friend did a reading yesterday and said how few people were there and how she hoped others throughout the world were joining in. I shall tell her that you were.
As for the Spring flowers - I noticed them too and have blogged about them.

Hildred said...

Pat, yesterday's service was in the Roman Catholic Church and a great deal of thought had gone into it (following the service set out by the women of France) The church was full and the refreshments after were fabulous - a great variety of quiches, some small cream cakes and cheesecake for dessert, - a great feeling of friendliness amongst the various denominations represented. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Spring is in the air! I loved learning about the White Rabbit tradition from you .... and think of it and you every first of the month (but I must admit not when I first open my eyes!). Happy March.