Monday, February 25, 2013

This and That

I thought I might go for a walk today, now that the snow is disappearing, - melting, evaporating!  The roads and sidewalks are dry and although the sun wasn't shining the thermometer was saying good things about the temperature outside.

I was restless all day, as I often am when I know someone in the family is on the road, and today it was our youngest son who was going back to the Meadow in the Cariboo after having had surgery at the beginning of February.

So I picked up the mail keys, and hearkened to the voice that said 'have you got your cane' - gave Callie a handful of food to keep her happy while I was gone, and made off down the road.

However, by the time I got to the mailbox I realized that little bit of breeze that was making the branches sway was not the spring breeze I had imagined, but a bitterly cold wind, blowing right off the mountain tops where the snow is still ten feet deep!  Or thereabouts.....

Well, I think I will wait until it is warmer to walk, or at least until Winter is not blowing cold puffs down the valley.   I came home and put the kettle on, played a bit of music, sat for half and hour and spun a half a bobbin of lllama wool, finding I was somewhat out of practise and it is going to be a thick and thin skein when I get it finished.   Just right for a warm toque.

I took some pictures of small pots of hyacinths that came home with me from the garden shop last week, and have begun to blossom - some dainty grape hyacinth and two pots of lovely fat pink spring blooms;  brushed Callie for a bit as she begins to lose her winter coat and gets more sleek, - I won't say slender as she is really quite plump and matronly looking these days, loath to go out and exercise until the weather warms up.

Vincent phoned from Cache Creek, - good - a third of the way home.....

I wandered into the computer room and tried once again to get Diane Gabaldon's small novelette about Sir John on to my Kobo, and became thoroughly frustrated...... 

There was only a half a glass of sherry in the cupboard, - just enough to last me through the news, and then it was time to think of supper.  Some nights when I think of supper I am inspired to do something different and perhaps even exotic.  Some nights it is just an omelet, but tonight I had wonderful leftovers from the dinner  our daughter-in-law cooked in my kitchen Saturday night, while our oldest son entertained us with his 'cocktail bar' piano music.

I wrote a little in my journal about this 'empty, restless' day and then the phone rang, and Vincent was in Williams Lake, just an hour from home.  And the phone rang again, and it was our youngest daughter, whose day had been lonely too, so we cheered each other with love and bits of gossip,  And so it goes......

Tomorrow the sun will shine and I will see if I can burrow down under the snow and discover what is happening with bulbs and violets and early spring movements under the icy covering that lies beneath the snow.

Vincent has made it to the Meadow, - everyone happy to see him there!

Almost time for bed, and some lovely music that takes the place of pillow talk, as I drift off........

Here are some catkins and pussy willows that sit at the front window to cheer your wintry hearts.

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Thank you Hildred for sharing your day. .. you are an inspiration.

I do not know all of your feelings from personal experience, as you know, but I know some of them.. and I will think of this post often.

I am glad your son had a safe trip.