Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Road Trip

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Up early and on the road to Penticton to keep an 8.30 driving exam appointment.  The sky was the deepest blue and the sun was brilliant, - still low over the hills and shining directly into one's eyes,  which made things difficult for Charles, who was the one being examined, esecially as his eyes are very sensitive.

I find that one of the drawbacks to growing old is the enthusiasm the licensing people have for getting the elderly off the road and into a taxi or on to a bus, if your rural area happens to have such amenities.

The other is the sly way young whipper snapper clergy have of encouraging the elderly out of the traditional church to make way for The Emerging Church (secular...) - 'clearing the decks', the Archbishop called it.....

But I digress from our Road Trip.

We didn't linger in Penticton and on the way home I opened the window and snapped pictures as we flew along.  For the 632nd time I missed the lightning fast view we have of  Marron Lake and
the Kaleden Dam, through the trees and hundreds of feet below the road edge.

Charles, sweet man that he is, turned in a few yards up the highway, on to the Marron Valley road, which runs midway across the hills, through the Indian Reserve, coming out at Kusler's Ranch and joining the Green Mountain road through Allen Grove.  We never did get a view of the Lake and Creek, but what a beautiful drive we had.

The fall colours are not yet flamboyant, but rather soft and subtle and gently blended.  Here and there a clump of Rabbit Brush is a radiant yellow globe, crying to be taken home and turned into dye for sheep's wool, carded and spun and woven into a warm incandescent blanket.


We came home and had a nice afternoon nap.


jane said...

What a wonderful trip even if it was to keep a rather stressful appointment - the scenery looks amazing and I could feel the sun on my back as I browsed through your pictures - thanks for sharing your journey - Jane UK

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your photographs of that journey are lovely Hildred. We have these tests of ageing motorists too - I shall no doubt be taking part before too long.
Hope Charles's test went well.

Barb said...

So many interesting photos, Hildred. I like the old barn which looks like a homestead. The sunflowers to the side of the lane are wonderful. Good thing for us that Charles and Bob humor us as we snap away!

Dimple said...

You did have a lovely drive. I think the river looks just right for wading in!

I remember one of the first posts I read here, about weaving, and dying wool, and rabbit brush. Incandescent! What a good word for yellow!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is gorgeous country! Thanks for sharing. I'd add Bill to what Barb said about Charles and her Bob...we are lucky ladies I think.

Getting old(er) definitely has some of its own particular stress points (and people who cause them). I used to think it wouldn't be that way.

Judy said...

Wonderful series of photos!! My favourite is the sunflowers at the crossroads!!