Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fragrance in the kitchen

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Oh, September, - I watch for you down the road with shaded eyes, and am encouraged by the coolness of the days this week, as August prepares to pack up and hit the trail.

A beautiful fragrance in the kitchen this morning, as I picked a few fresh sweetpeas and tucked them into a small glass pitcher above the kitchen sink  Is there anything in the world that smells so delicate and light?

They are full of memories, as I'm sure they are for any prairie girl where they grew over everyone's back fence and filled the sunny days with their glorious perfume and pastel beauty.

Combined with the wonderful rich aroma of ripening peaches it is certainly the place to be if you can't be out in the garden.

Today the weather has been unsettled with a heavy rainfall just at supper time.  Callie got caught out in the storm - a few mighty claps of thunder and probably a little lightning as well.  I went to call her in, and when the rain had stopped took her treats out to rattle a bit, but she wouldn't venture forth until Charles came, and in his trustworthy  and calming voice he called to her and she came immediately from where she was hiding in the raspberry patch.  What DOES that man have about him that he inspires such comfort and safety?  Well, he and Callie have a thing going, - she is happiest spread out in the wonderful nonchalant way that cats have, all over his knees, with her head tucked up beside his arm.

Blogger is being very naughty today and won't allow any photos, but I will try once again to see if I can capture a picture of the Sweet Peas.....


The Weaver of Grass said...

Obviously it is a man thing with Callie Hildred.

My sweet peas have not produced a single flower this year - there has not been enough sun to tempt them out, sadly, but I do agree with you about their unique scent.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Well, no sweet pea pictures, but your words conjure up their beauty -- and as well your lovely day. Your kitty is a shameless flirt!

I always think of sweet peas as a spring flower -- didn't know (or forgot) that they will grow all summer.

Barb said...

I saw the photos of the sweet peas and peaches and am imagining how wonderful your kitchen smells. Callie knows a good man when she sees him.

Willo said...

Sweet Peas! Mumu had a couple of rows of sweet peas behind her small prairie home. The smell enchanted me as a little girl and I can detect it again just with the words. Her big sheep dog, as nice as he was, found the damp ground a bit too tempting for a cool rest. She stopped that by placing cactus between the rows. That kept small children and dogs at a safe distance. Quiet, shy Sweet Peas are the very best of all flowers.