Monday, December 12, 2011

Everything is copacetic!

Well, most things are copacetic......

The Amazon order arrived in the mail in time for my own mailing of parcels, as did the National Geographic envelope.

|Last evening I rummaged around in all the leftover wrappings and stickers and ribbons from last Christmas, weaseled my way through a cupboard filled with presents to reach the sturdy card table, set it up next to my computer and a nice source of music and went off to bed quite pleased with myself.

This morning I got up and made shortbread, some with almond bits and some with ginger, and they all baked beautifully and are ready to stuff into Christmas bags....

Sometimes life is just, well, - copacetic.  I am off to take a walk over town to look at some children's books as a last present purchase.....  I shall take my cane with the butterflies on it! And come home and pack boxes to mail tomorrow.

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