Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ABC Wednesday

Here we are at the end of the alphabet - again.

How could I choose anything else to represent Z except the Zinnia, one of my favourite flowers.

So varied and versatile in the garden - when you plant a bed of Zinnias you are in for the most pleasant surprises.

this painting by Jimmie Trotter 
more information here to view the painting in greeting card format

Rally round for another trip through the alphabet in this great meme started by Mrs. Nesbitt and maintained by Denise and all her helpers.

For more amaZing Zs visit here, at ABC Wednesday


Carver said...

Beautiful shots! I love zinnias too.

Reader Wil said...

I love those bright colours! Your photos are so bright and happy!
Thanks for your visit! T he story of Hansje Brinckers , the boy who put his finger in the dyke, is a myth. It was told by an American writer. When there is one whole in the dyke , there are more and the whole dyke will collapse, because the water is so powerful and nobody can stop it from coming in. A dyke is a high and massive construction and has to be checked out regularly. But it's a nice story and the people from Zeeland are brave, like many other people in the world, who live in such regions.

deb duty said...

I love zinnias and yours are beautiful! So many pretty colors!

EG Wow said...

Ha! I ought to have thought of zinnias...but I didn't. :) Your photos are GREAT!

Wanda said...

Is one of those lovely pictures a watercolor???

I've never painting a Zinnia...think it's time I did. Putting that on my to do list of watercolors.

Roger Owen Green said...

Lovely flower, shape & colors!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

jabblog said...

Beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colours - your garden must be a delightful place to sit.

helenmac said...

WoW! What superb photos of zinnias! I love the second photo with the butterfly. Can you reveal what you did to make it so ethereal?
ABC Wednesday Team

Hildred and Charles said...

The second picture is a painting by Jimmie Trotter and I have included a link to a fine arts website where you can get more information about the painting in greeting card format. I was surely remiss in not doing this when I put the post together - an oversight caused by too many packing boxes as we prepare to move :(

Jade said...

Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers...wonderfully presented! :) :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Great to know you are on board for the next round! Fun times ahead!!
Thanks so much
Denise ABC Team