Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wildlife at Ginty's Pond

The sun only visits at random intervals this May, but last Tuesday he dropped in for a few hours and Charles and I took advantage of the warmth and brightness and the faint spring breeze to go on a little safari and investigate the wildlife at Ginty's pond.

Down the road, a left turn at the highway and then again when we came to the road to the Upper bench, across the little bridge that crosses Keremeos Creek and we stopped to see how the water was flowing.

We passed fields of Dandy-Lions and Mama Cows and their calves having breakfast.

through those modern perpendicular orchards  with lovely, bright 
pollinizers at the ends of every fifth or sixth row
(aside -  terribly efficient but not very romantic)

along the road that spans the upper end of Ginty's Pond

and around to where the bullrushes grow and the wetlands are home to

all sorts of wildlife.

We looked for turtles, sunning themselves on the logs, but none were there.

No frogs on the lily pads, but down at the end of the pond
we spied a family of raccoons, the parents being very large to our way of reckoning
and probably they have made their home there for many years,
unmolested and well fed. 

Across the way two nesting geese were enjoying the water and the warmth of the sun,
although Mother Goose gave us fair warning not too come too close.

Father just looked majestic and aloof, as he floats along in the background.

A pair of wood ducks slipped along the edge of the pond, - this father not only being
majestic, but also most handsomely dressed in harlequin colours

A last look for signs of bloom on the lily pads

we cast our eyes on the snow clad mountains to the north

and ended our morning outing talking to an old friend who is
spending his retirement mornings lending a hand at 
Kobau Park.

We drove into the yard to find our great grandson  on his
fire-engine red birthday tricycle, 
delighting his Grandma and Grandpa.

What a lovely morning!


Barb said...

Glad you and Charles had some sunshine to enjoy a drive. The landscape looks so green. I'd love to see a photo of those lily pads blooming, Hildred.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It was a lovely morning! Thanks for taking us along; happy to revisit Ginty's pond. Wonderful wildlife there.

And that was a perfect ending to your morning.

Lady Fi said...

What gorgeous scenery! So serene.