Saturday, May 14, 2011

I waken this morning, just after five.  When I open my eyes the sky is blushing a pale rosy pink, through the north window,  beckoning to me to come and see the early a.m. show.

I don't stop to dress, - sometimes these events can be quite transitory, and so I am out on the deck in my  nightgown, gazing in delight.  The whole bowl of the sky is a misty pink, - a few scattered raindrops fall, and close by in the west, a perfectly arched rainbow frames the whole confection of rosy sky
 and a valley awash in apple blossoms.

I skip down the steps (did you know that 86 year old ladies can skip when inspired to do so????) and move across the lawn, trying to gain distance, but I am such an amateur, and cannot contain the whole rainbow, although I do remember advice I have been given and focus on something closer
before moving in to snap the lens.

Very soon it all began to fade, and by the time I turned to come in the sky was once again a sulky grey.

It was so lovely while it lasted, and I wished I had more camera skills, - 
but oh, my dear, you just had to be there!


Barb said...

A wonderful gift to you so early in the day, Hildred! (And now to me)

Willo said...

Such a moving experience. I for one am happy that you captured it. Seeing the sky from pink to gray; and from one end of the rainbow to the other is truly a small sacrament.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I feel as if I was there! Thank you for sharing -- that sky would have been enough to make me skip too. I'm so glad you had your camera with you.

Wanda..... said...

You did a superb job in catching the morning glow and rainbow, Hildred!

Penny said...

In being able to skip at 86 you give me heart that at that age I may be able to as well.

Dimple said...

I am so glad you heeded the pink sky, they truly do not last long! The rainbow was an added delight, thanks!