Monday, October 18, 2010

Romance and Magic in the Similkameen

The stars were faint at five a.m. and at six
a light skiff of clouds hid any chance of a pretty sunrise.

But by eight the sky was clear and blue
not a cloud to be seen
not a breath of wind in the still October morning

A Perfect Wedding Day

Time stopped and gathered all the jewels of October around it
so that when it was time for the vows to be made
there was magic in the stillness as the Piper played
and the Bride and her father came down the hill and across 
the green where the Groom waited.

A sweet and solemn ceremony
and then the chance for pictures.

In the evening a wonderful reception
dining and dancing, wine and sweet words.

Beautiful wedding and the promise of a wonderful marriage............

Heart of my Heart

Heart of my heart, we are one with the wind,
One with the clouds that are whirled o'er the lea,
One in many, O broken and blind,
One as the waves are at one with the sea!
Ay! When life seems scattered apart,
Darkness, ends as a tale that is told,
One, we are one, O heart of my heart,
One, still one, while the world grows old.
Alfred Noyes


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing. (Great pictures -- I can't take people pix very well -- and especially in a crowd with lots going on. You're really good!)

Barb said...

It looks like a happy day from start to finish, Hildred. Did the piper bring a tear to your eye? The bride is lovely and her groom handsome. Will they live nearby you? Much happiness to the couple!