Thursday, April 01, 2010

Skywatch Friday

A day in the life of the Similkameen Sky

5.55 a.m., and already a cloud has put one toe tentatively into the new day, on the wrong side of the bed!

7.01 a.m., and there is a tender rainbow in the west, - promises, promises...

The afternoon brings blue skies and alabaster clouds.

And in the evening the stillness of a glittering moon.

To see what the skies are doing in other parts of the world slip over to Skywatch Friday, here.


The Write Girl said...

Beautiful skies here...I love how unique they each are. I love the rainbow you captured as well. Wonderful sky photos of the day.

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful skies indeed, Hildred! And each so different! Isn't it wonderful to have such a variety? Marvelous captures for the day! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend! Thanks as always for your visit/comment! Much appreciated!


jabblog said...

What a lovely journey through your day - thank you for sharing.

Riet said...

Beautiful skies here. And that rainbow, I love it, I have something with rainbows. Happy Easter

Dewdrop said...

Thanks for carrying us through the day with you. Lovely shots. Promises of hope and a future. Excellent blue skies.

Happy Easter!

Debra said...

These are beautiful shots....I love the clouds in the first one and the third one is so dramatic because of the shaded area. Great shots!

Your welcome by the way, in regards to listing my settings on my sunrise photos. I am learning as I go too and would love it if others would do the same because I think it would help me to learn quicker. I am enjoying playing around with exposure, for instance I just took some rainbow pics recently like you and I found that if I underexposed a bit the colors were much more vibrant. Of course you may already know this....but if not, you should give it a try. :) Happy Easter to you. ~ Debra

Barb said...

Your Similkameen Sky gave you everything you could wish for and more! How did playing the piano go today? Will you play Morning Has Broken on Easter? I'll be thinking of you - maybe I'll listen to it here in CO.

Hildred and Charles said...

Thank you so much for your visits your comments and good wishes.

Debra, - I know nothing, - starting right from scratch so always welcome all the information and experience I can absorb.

Barb, I am still undecided about the Morning has Broken rendition, - am playing the organ and the lower manual doesn't seem to have any richness or volume so am going to have to fiddle with the settings tomorrow It is such a lovely rendition. Things went well today, - a beautiful simple service with quiet music.

eden said...

Beautiful series of sky photos. I love especially the rainbow one. Great captures.And thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the visit

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hildred -- A Very Happy Easter to you and Charles and your family! Thank you for this post and the Easter one above. Beautiful and thoughtful as always.

I was happy to read your comment on FT-L that you enjoy reading about our roving life. I am drawn to your blog because of its sense of place -- and your joy in your valley that shines through every post.

Perhaps we will both stay young (at heart) because we are open to learning about other people's choices and other places besides our own. (Instead of smugly declaring that our way is the only right way for everybody.)

Thanks as always for your lovely posts.

VioletSky said...

I don't believe I have ever woken up to a rainbow!

I love your raindrops backdrop on your blog (I usually read you through my reader... apparently I miss a lot of sublteties by doing that)