Sunday, March 28, 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that...

I am at the door this afternoon, camera in hand, and I call to the man in the back room "I am just going out to take some pictures while the sun is shining".

Down the stairs and six steps along through the garden, and the sun disappears behind a cloud - wispy in spots, but not where the sun is now!

Three days left in March, and recalling the lamb-like way the month entered it is quite apparent March is calling up its most lion like demeanor to make a roaring exit.

Neverthless, it has been rather a sweet month and spring has taken advantage of this and established residence, at least for a time.

Eventually the cloud that hid the sun drifted off and I was able to snap the apricot blossoms and the spring-clad trees, as well as a few pictures of Life in the Garden.

The tree at the bottom of the lane

Early spring bloom on the Apricots

Buds on a bleeding heart

The Hellebores prepare to say goodbye while the Perennial Alyssum  can hardly wait to burst into bloom.

As I was coming home from church this morning Sid and Sharon and the two dogs and their dear grandson, Corbin, were out chasing the wind around, throwing a bright red ball which Corbin and the dogs retrieved enthusiastically - the dogs had the advantage, but I think Corbin had the most fun.

Or maybe Grandma and Grandpa did????

I get to play the organ on Easter Sunday (and on Good Friday too) and I have been vacillating between practicing sombre music and joyous preludes.

I found a wonderful version of 'Morning has Broken' in the stacks of old music and thought it might make a nice Postlude change from the Messiah Hallelujahs.

And considering This and That, I am really pleased that Blogger has made new templates available, and love the one I have chosen.  For now, anyway.  There is a nice varied choice and I am finding it easy to manipulate images - check it out.

If (when) Charles continues with his blog of early days I will treat him to a look see and update

'From the Back Pasture'.


Penny said...

Lovely photos, the blossom looks lovely with the hills in the background.
I am still walking beaches.
I havent got around to trying out the new backgrounds, I love yours but every time I make a change I mess it up so feel it is better to plod on with what I have.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to be back, H and C - and to see your lovely new layout. Yes, March came in like a lamb here and if the forecast is to be believed it will go our like a raging lion.
I really enjoyed your chatty post today Hildred. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Wanda said...

Your new blog look is lovely, the header photo is extremely nice to view. Your trees and flowers are far ahead of ours, my Bleeding Heart is just 4 or 6 inches tall, but thr Forsythia is close to bloom. Yoy have such wonderful views Hildred, enjoy your week!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your new design is beautiful and I am so impressed with all of your creative talents!

Your flowers are beautiful; our week was prosaic, so I'm appreciating the beauty of your posts even more than usual.

louisebah said...

That's some garden you have there! Lucky you!!
Some of us can only dream of having a garden that size, with so much living things in it! I only have a balcony garden :) which I'm still working on.

please vote for my picture here, thank you :)

Barb said...

Those frothy apricot trees are in their Easter finery, Hildred. Do play "Morning has Broken" - I love that.