Monday, September 14, 2009

Casting Back

I have been blogging now for just over three years, and this is my 453rd posting. Sometimes I give a wondering thought as to what in heaven's name I figured was important enough to write about, 453 times! And then I think, 'does it matter how important it was?' If it was an expression of what I was feeling, or thinking or reading at the time and it moved me to say a few words about it, and I enjoyed doing it then that is reason a-plenty.

Since I discovered the 'Link Within' gadget I have been surprising myself - re-discovering blogs I have written, books I have read, things that have happened and emotions that were once important and now have slid into the past-where-things-are-shadowy-and-tender.

Being ancient I have found that many of the things I write about are memories. I am not so inclined to express my opinions on current events (I leave that to Charles) and I am not so up-to-date on philosophy and science. Many of the writers that affected the way I thought (and think) are now somewhat passe, depending upon their subject.

But some of them are timeless, and for them I am grateful.

And on the other side of the coin, my wanderings in Blogland have been an inspiring experience. I don't have many peers who skim the net, but an evening spent meandering the internet pathways opens doors to me that are fascinating and enfold me in different generational views that are so important as the circle of life grows ever smaller.

I read blogs written by young mothers, by city dwellers and country folk, naturalists and poets, artists and crafters. And I am most especially inspired by gorgeous photography and the amazingly beautiful literary pictures that are painted with words and phrases and whole sentences and paragraphs that carry you in your mind's eye to magical places.

A truly wonderful time to be actively alive, aware and appreciative, despite being Ancient.

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wild thyme flowers said...


This was a beautiful post. I found you vis Pamela Edward (is she not the best ?). I am very moved by your candid words. Thank you so much for sharing and for starting a blog. I've just found you but I will keep checking in.