Monday, August 10, 2009

This is the infamous 'barn flower' which every August creates a glorious riot in the front garden.

I don't know it by its elegant name - I originally bought a piece in the lost garden, tucked in a little jog on the southwest corner of the house where it could erupt in all its golden joyousness in a confined space.

Here, where it got plunked towards the back of the bed, it is a beacon and a bane, albeit a beautiful one.

My header picture is a close up of the flowers on this ten foot plant. It has long, dark green, sawtooth leaves and the stems are branched and flexible, - all the better to spread an umbrella over the surrounding daisies and lilies and roses.

Is it familiar to anyone? Or must I go on loving its great exuberance and just calling it 'the common barn flower'........

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