Friday, August 07, 2009

Kitty Foyle

Once upon a time I had a Kitty Foyle dress, - it was a lovely fine wool, - a soft shade of grey with white collar and cuffs. It came from Johnstone Walkers, in Edmonton, and I wore it to our mother's funeral.

It was a special dress, and one I loved and wore often, but somehow it disappeared from my wardrobe, sadly and mysteriously....

I ran into Kitty Foyle the other day, - do you remember her? There she was, in a used book store, folded between the pages of a sixty cent paper back (original price)!

What a lot of memories she brought back. I was young again, entranced with Ginger Rogers Oscar winning portrayal of Kitty,

And when I thought of Ginger, of course I thought of Fred Astaire.....

We are spending time together now, Kitty Foyle and I. We started off in Philly, and so many years have gone by since I first read Christopher Morley's book about Kitty Foyle that it is all a new adventure to me.

I would love to get the DVD and see the movie again, but old movies make me nostalgic and somewhat sad. It seems like another world. My imagination and Morley's writing will suffice.


Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Oh I loved your posting. I came home from my youngest home with several Fred and Ginger movies on my computer, now we are having fun watching them! I think I should see if our library has this book.

Don't be sad with the missing past it's there to help us see whats good that remains. Great dancers where are they now?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Isn't it strange, Hildred, how much loved clothes from the past have simply disappeared. I have one or two memorable dresses which I really loved and often think of - but what happened to them I have no idea. A bit like getting odd socks out of the washing machine - perhaps there is a dress gremlin as well as a sock gremlin - perhaps all our much-loved dresses are there somewhere in a parallel world!