Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am a humble artist
moulding my earthly clod,
adding my labour to nature's,
simply assisting God.

Not that my effort is needed;
yet somehow, I understand,
my maker has willed it that I too should have
unmoulded clay in my hand.

Piet Hein

Oh yes, I am at it again, - delving into the wonders of digital designing; changing nature's pure and lovely flowers into images which might be seen by a 'humble artist'.

A sweet common poppy.....

transformed into a sophisticated flirt..

The tendrils of a Clematis, curled into the symbol for pure wool.

A cheery golden sunflower, with its centre plate of deep chocolate seeds...

Gorgeous watercolour roses...

age suddenly into timeless photos....

I'm here to tell you it's a marvelous way to fritter away an evening.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I can see that it is easy for this technique to become addictive Hildred. However, the results are so beautiful I think I might try it.

Hildred said...

yes Weaver, - it does draw one, but I must get back to my knitting and my weaving and my reading and put this lovely tinkering in its right priority.

Rose said...

These are beautiful! I never seem to have the time--or perhaps it's make the time--to experiment with photo editing. I'm just happy when my photos aren't blurry:)

Came over to see your ABC post and enjoyed the background on Zephyr. But then I also noticed that you resigned as church organist because of the changing tastes in music. How sad! I used to play the organ--many years ago; there is nothing as stirring and majestic as a beautiful pipe organ.