Monday, June 15, 2009

I have now made 400 postings to this blog, - Four Hundred - CD in Roman Numerals.

This is my four hundred and first since July of 2007.

I find this kind of overwhelming, and I wonder, humbly, if I have said anything worthwhile in all those many words. Is a Blog supposed to be full of wisdom and information? Is it more a Diary? One chooses which I guess. Or strives for a combination.

I know it has been fun.

And I have learned a great deal, so much so that I am quite often amazed at the world and all the people in it who contribute wonderful postings to Blogland.

I have expanded my horizons in many ways - geographically, artistically, musically, and perhaps the way I have found to be most surprising and rewarding is the increasing exposure and understanding of different generations.

As one gets older it seems you must guard against becoming encased within your own generation, your own memories, the ways that you consider traditional.

It is not easy to see the values you hold dear seemingly discarded; hard to accept new ways that appear careless to you.

But in the world of Blogland I have found the paths I've wandered are peopled with a younger generation who are principled, open, sometimes terribly entertaining and amusing, apparently imbued with the moral standards that we have treasured, loving of family, intelligent, exuberant and creative. I find these attributes in our own family, so why should I be surprised to find them so abundant in the world.

Is it because we seldom hear the good news? The media thrives on the scandalous, the spectacular, the innuendos and the horrors of the world, when all about us is lying a fair and beautiful land, unheeded.

So I will continue to write, to read and so fill my life with enchanting essays, prosaic records, marvelous photos and endearing peeks into other people's lives and cultures.

It's a great world!!!!

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Barb said...

Hello Hildred, First of all, Congratulations! 401 - WOW! This post was so lovely and positive. I agree with you wholeheartedly - many generations and cultures come together and share something of their lives, hopes, and dreams in Blogdom. I find it uplifting and interesting.