Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AND what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days;
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,
And over it softly her warm ear lays;
Whether we look, or whether we listen,
We hear life murmur, or see it glisten;
James Russell Lowell

We are having coffee on the deck, daughter and I, while Charles scurries down to be amongst the first in line to have his blood tested. The sun is up, but there is still a lovely coolness in the air, and earlier in the morning Caspar and I had 'strolled' down the road, inspecting the dew on the grass and scanning the sky for clouds.

Our talk concerns cooking, - the day's meals (she is doing sweet and sour ribs in the slow cooker; I am still undecided, but leaning towards the easiest meal possible). Perhaps peanut butter sandwiches for lunch; always welcome and a quickie that allows me to make a hasty exit for a one o'clock date at the Care Centre where we (The Royal Purple ladies) are visiting with cake and ice cream and music.

She leaves to go and make magic with the slow cooker. I go inside for the camera, - time for a few shots in the garden before Charles is home for his second cup of coffee. He doesn't mind the wait, - he comes home with news, and just the smallest smidgin of gossip. The waiting room is a gold mine!

Out in the garden the poppies are in various stages of delivering delicate crumpled scarlet petals. The sun is still low, - the petals are translucent and the shadows are long....

and the naughty coutch grass springs up and waves in front of the camera, anxious to be part of the show. Behind the delphinium wait in the wings impatiently, - they are dressing quickly this morning in their blues and whites for a pretty show - next on...

The pink climber and the lavender clematis are both more than generous with their blooms...

I breathe deeply and enjoy the morning fragrance then go back into the house. A lone Quail takes my place in the garden, perches on the garden umbrella and keeps a close eye out for crows and cats.

Charles comes up the driveway, slowly, inspecting his curly willows with a practiced eye. We have a cup of coffee, - he tells me who he saw, what they said, was the nurse competent with his slippery hard to reach veins..the morning progresses. We have our peanut butter sandwiches, - I leave for my afternoon affair, stopping for a quick chat with number 3 son. With a little time to spare I make a clandestine visit to the nursery to buy just a few fill in plants!!

As most lovely June days do the afternoon ended with a great collection of convective clouds, teasing with the possibility of rain, but not terribly serious.

Another lovely contented day.....we had a shrimp stir fry for supper.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Those are the very best sort of days as one gets older, aren't they? The shrimp stir fry sounds yummy too.

Barb said...

Those poppies! I enlarged to get the full, sun kissed, papery effect. Very nice indeed. Yummy to the shrimp stir-fry...