Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomorrow morning I will get up and go to church, free at last, free at last!!!

There will be no last minute hymn playing, no checking the music bag, no rushing to get to church in time for the Prelude, -


For the first time in six months I will relax, sit in the back pew with Charles, sing the hymns with frail gusto (spirit strong, voice weak) and rejoice in Linda's accompaniment.

Back from a winter in the South she is young and eager, and much as I enjoy playing the organ I am so happy to share.....gladly for the next six months at least.

As hard as I try to make the organ compete with modern church music, and as sprightly as I make the hymns, I never quite have the feeling that I have satisfied those amongst the congregation who swoon over guitars in the church and foot stamping music.

So it will be a lovely respite, and one that I am grateful for.

What in heaven's name is an Octogenarian doing playing the part of 'faithful organist' this day and age!


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The Weaver of Grass said...

I played the organ in chapel from being ten years old until I was twenty one - I know how wearing it can get - sometimes it is lovely, sometimes you need a break. Enjoy the next few months of freedom.