Monday, April 13, 2009

It is late afternoon. The sky was mainly overcast after a sunny morning. And now tonight the setting sun is lighting up the Cawston hills.

But in the late afternoon Caspar and I set out on our usual walk, with the thought that we might lean on the new neighbour's fence and make their acquaintance. I had had a small chat with them the other day, but Caspar had not yet had the pleasure.

My talk with them was rather admonishing and concerned keeping things tidy, not letting garbage accumulate as they become more familiar with the neighbourhood. Their reply was pleasant but fairly off hand.

When we arrived at their fence today it immediately struck me that they weren't particularly house proud. The nice fresh grass that had surrounded their little house has been dug up, rooted up, - no doubt looking for truffles or some such exotic goodie.

Nevertheless, they greeted us pleasantly, with lots of breathy oof oofs (what did you bring for tea?) and a little cavorting around.

Caspar could not see nor hear, but he knew there was something interesting on the other side of the fence, and Simba and Sparky from down at the Big House also came up to pay their respects.

We lingered for a few minutes and then waved goodbye and came back up the road to where things are just a jumping in the garden.....

And a sweet April sky saw us to the door....

Faintly, in the distance, I heard the soft, contented oofing of the new neighbours....

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Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Oh what a lovely adventure, it was almost as if I were there.

Thank you