Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring made a late but definite appearance today,
with the arrival overnight of The Rhubarb,
long awaited, keenly anticipated.

There will be days that make us swoon, and days that make us shiver, but I think this is Show Time.

Here are the daffodils that just a few days ago were only promising glory.

Already flirting with the Bees....

Good Friday, and I scurried around this morning trying to polish up a few spots around the house before it was time for the somber morning service.

The Ecumenical Church in the village is a combination of Anglican and United Church adherents, and it is suffering all the ailments which beset the mainline churches in this Post Christian era. In addition, although we have done our best to accept a combined service, the form of worship depends a lot upon the denomination of the Minister.

At present we have a new United Church Minister, and so the worship this morning veered wildly from the traditional Anglican observance of Good Friday. We have been involved in this arrangement for almost forty years, and I am no longer familiar with the modern traditional Anglican way, but I cast my mind back (away, way back) to the three hour Good Friday Service at St. Faith's in Edmonton, commencing at noon, and continuing with reflections on the Words from the Cross until three o'clock.

But it was a come and go affair. Come for the first Words, but if you had to leave someone else would soon slip in to take your place.

Today's service was less than an hour. It was solemn and reverent, - the words were different but the Gospel and Tenebrae told the same story.

The only time I raised my eyebrows was when the Minister referred to being "suffocated by tradition". I do believe that tradition in moderation is important to a stable society, a source of guidance, and mindfulness and strength.

And what are 'memes' but modern tradition in the making? Spreading ideas, planting seeds of change, creating new traditions in a random world.

Off to toast a home baked hot cross buns, made from my mother's traditional recipe! Currants, - no peel.....


♥ T is for Theresa ♥ said...

Hello! I hope this isnt an intrusion, I found your post whilst googling church's. I had to say that I love your photography..just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing, I'll drop in again if you dont mind =]

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Tradition is what ties us to one another. It holds us to our dear ones, our values, our past, our present, and comfort that the traditions will be in our future.
I agree with you completely.

Happy Easter Dear friends!

Hildred said...

oh Fonnell, you say it so well, as always. Thank you. Charles and I wish you and Phil and your family a very happy Easter...

The Weaver of Grass said...

My mouth is watering at the thought of those buns, Hildred. It is nice that you carry on the tradition by using a family recipe.