Monday, February 23, 2009

There are great advantages to being a morning person.

By ten o'clock you have accomplished enough to carry you through the rest of the day with an easy conscience. And you can slide into tea-time and the happy hour looking back on the pot of soup you put on to simmer before the sun was up, and the apple pies that were cool by noon, feeling fairly pleased with yourself (but not too fatuous, we hope).

It was good to be in the kitchen today. Winter skulked around outside in company with a damp, raw wind. For a short while the sun battled valiantly to part the clouds, but alas, in vain.

I notice that the snow drifts are somewhat diminished, and that gives me some hope that they will be gone before tulip time.

To tide me over 'til then, - the magic that happens on the wide bathroom windowsills
where the amaryllis have blossomed overnight.

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