Friday, February 20, 2009

A pleasant day...

Slept in until seven a.m. - comfortably and with no little guilty feelings prodding at me.

Awakened to the promise of blue sky and sunshine, and indeed the sun did shine. But strangely.

No. 3 son called to alert me to the interesting ring around the sun, so I grabbed my inadequate camera and did the best I could to get a picture. By putting on my rose coloured glasses and squinting sideways at the sun I was able to see it distinctly, glowing in all it's splendor in the midst of a hazy ring, surrounded on the outside by quite a distinct halo.

Our artist daughter called to ask me to have lunch with her, and sent me home with three interesting gourds, - one in the shape of a perky long-necked goose, beautifully mottled and covered with little knobs.

About four or five prints of work in progress (copyrighted) which she kindly gave me permission to reprint here.....

And a VHS on Crop Circles, which led us into a discussion on the future, and the changes it holds for mankind, - the end of the age of logic, quantum physics and a few other things that I find extremely puzzling and out of the bounds of my understanding. But she knows that, so we parted amicably.

When I went to shop the young man behind me at the check out counter was buying four bouquets of spring flowers and carnations, which piqued my interest approvingly. More men should buy more flowers whomever they might be for!

The sun was still shining when Casper and I went out for our late afternoon walk. The air was mild, and I'm sure Spring was at least scouting things out. The ice which formed a tiny skating rink had melted, and there was a puddle in its place, but the snow still continues in the garden.

I fed the birds and then poked around the Lenten Roses, which are still partly encased in ice. However, I found two green fingerlings pushing through the skim of ice on the sunny side of the plant, and my heart smiled!

On the window ledge over the big bathtub three of the amaryllis that were potted after Christmas are almost in bloom.

I told you it was a pleasant day!

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Grammie said...

Oh what a nice posting.. I love the art, so colorful and touches the heart of a Los Angeles girl who grew up with colors like that.

What a great talent! I have some bulbs in a cupboard waiting to bring them into the house. Wont' spring be fun this year.

My imagaination gets string theory etc. But if we can't stop the U.S. Gov't working on owneing our banks I don't think science will have a chance. Deep thoughts....hum

Thanks for the lovely posts!