Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have been browsing tonight, - cropping the clover in other people's pastures.....and what an intriguing experience it's been.

The awe and the wonder of being able to do this never completely leaves me....

I get lost in the blogs of young Welsh women, and am transported to the countryside of Thomas Firbank and the mountain passes of his early sheep farm. I am taken back in memory to the days of being a young mother, living in the country. And I am beguiled by the changing mores, and yet reminded that in most cases "the more things change the more they remain the same". It is so easy to relate....

I move on to an hilarious blog entitled Pigs in the Kitchen .

The humour makes me smile, - the writing makes me green with envy... A Machiavellian sense of creativity that raises eyebrows and inspires a chuckle or two. Wonderful recipes tagged on at the end, as well, for those of you who are still eating heartily and not trying to lose the stray ten pounds that has attached itself to one's waistline. (as well as other places)

The trail of blogs leads me on and on, - learning new things, absorbing new attitudes, inspired by new ideas, new writings, lists of books, - and being thoroughly entertained.

Time now for the evening stroll with the little dog, - the day has been cloudy, but mild and I expect our little trot down the road will find the evening the same. I will sniff the air for Spring.......ever hopeful.


Kate said...


Your blog is a treasured stop on that same ramble, which I take whenever I can. I've been reading your thoughtful musings for about a year and a half, and have also passed along your blog as inspiration to other family members and friends. You life and attitudes inspire me and give me confidence about my future - I so deeply admire your desire to learn new things, your ability to appreciate a broad spectrum of beautiful experiences, and your youthful curiosity. Thank you for writing and taking us on the journey.

Much love,

Hildred said...

thank you Kate, - what a kind and lovely comment to take off to bed with me...it will sweeten my dreams!

Thank you so much,