Sunday, February 24, 2008

Being somewhat in a state of flux, and finding it difficult to articulate my feelings, my desires and the direction I mean to take, here instead are a few pictures of the valley as it advances (slowly) into Spring.
The neighbour's soft fruit trees, as the sap rises and the sun clears the eastern hills, enveloping the little orchard in a rosy haze.
And simultaneously K mountain is touched by the same light of the rising sun.
A little earlier, as Caspar and I took our morning stroll, we captured the gnarled apple trees against a bank of colourful clouds.
A mid afternoon shot of the sun, shining through a cloud and catching a ridge across the Valley.

And in the house, the forsythia twigs have burst forth in golden bloom....fair are the bulbs poking up their shiny little leaves amongst the old dried stalks from last fall.
The creek, in early spring, still cosseted by the faded grasses of autumn. Life holds great promise.....

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