Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A perfect day for taking pictures - mellow, mild, calm and cloudy.

So after tea we started off, - first to get the National Post, without which this household would not flourish. Then our destination was Ginty's Pond, but on our way we took a little detour across the river, to see what surprises nature had there, and to capture the gold and orange copses far off in the heights of the mountains and spilling down the hillsides following the trail of the creeks and leaving them brushed with brilliant colour.

We found the lower part of Ginty's Pond almost dry. The grasses and the bullrushes wore their mature fall colours, and as I got out of the car a pheasant flew up from the depths of the rushes, across the pond to the far side. Along the road were the rose pips that looked so fresh and firm in July, - still crowded on the rose bushes, and at their feet and entwined amongst the roots a goodly crop of poison ivy, in its guise as a harmless, colourful vine.

A little way off the road a sturdy grey stump towered above the foliage, with four or five woodpeckers' holes marking it as a place called home.

We continued to the East end of the pond, where the water still flowed and the colours and the calmness bespoke a gaudy peace.

As we drove home the clouds parted somewhat, and the day ended with enough blue in the sky to make a sailor a pair of pants, as my Grandmother would have said.

Enjoy..... click on the arrow to start or pause.

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Willo said...

Hildred, Your slide show with music made up for our 'no fall color' outing last week. Sometimes your lovely photography is my computer wallpaper for a few days. At the moment it is one of your rosy sunrises. Willo